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Lake Naivasha is the second largest and the highest lake of the Central Rift Valley lakes. Remain of a great lake which spread through the basins and spilling out at its southern end through the Ol Njorowa Gorge (Hell's Gate National Park), this freshwater lake has kept much of its old colonial charm and is also the centre of a prosperous flower export business.

At only two hours drive from Nairobi, Naivasha is a great place to forget the Nairobian urban life and do some sport activities such as hiking, walking, biking and/or game viewing and is a popular weekend retreat for the local communities.
Naivasha lake road map kenya
How to get there :
From Nairobi, there are two roads going to Naivasha : one going down alongside the escarpment, and one going up towards Naivasha town. The "truck" road going down the escarpment is shorter in distance but after Maai Mahiu town (first town down the hill), there are huge potholes on the road going towards Naivasha Lake. The other road, the A104 uplands, is longer in distance but in very good state as it is not used by container truck.
Distance Nairobi-Naivasha : 90 km

Freshwater lake, Naivasha is home to an incredible variety of bird species and there is a full effort to protect the wildlife although the lake suffered a lot in the past by tourism activities, flower industries and indigenous species (such as red swamp crayfish and the water hyacinth).

The impressive submerged rim of an emerged crater, thus forming the Crescent IslandN is the place to go. Hidden behind the volcanic scenery at the upper-part of the lake (Hippo pool), the Crater Lake Game SanctuaryN is well worth exploring and Joy Adamson's HouseN (Elsamere) and the Country Club are also attractive and very charming sites.

There is a large choice of accomodation along the "Moi South Road" which gives easy access around the lake and few very nice view points.

South, the Hells's Gate National Park worth also a one-day visit.

Further south, near the road going to Nairobi, rise the huge Mt Longonot (2 776 m). The Mt Longonot National ParkN enclose a fairly young dormant volcano and there is possibility to climb it in less than one hour.
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Crescent Island Naivasha
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 CRESCENT ISLAND WILDLIFE SANCTUARY :   Submerged rim of an immerged volcanic crater forming a bay which is the deepest point of the lake, the Crescent Island is a preserved sanctuary of wildlife where you will wander among tiny herds of mammals. A peaceful experience… Giraffe, antelope, gazelle, eland, zebra and lot of birds. Buffaloes are rare. The usual way to access the small island is by boat and local people would be happy to serve you. There is also possibility to access it by road passing through the "Horse Riding Complex" then keep right. Fee is asked to access the island and prices are expensive (specially if you are a large group). Do not try to fraud as security is tied.
Fees resident : Adult - 500 Kshs and Child - 200 Kshs
Fees non-resident : Adult - 25 USD, Young - 19 USD and Child - 12.50 USD
Parking fees : Car - 200 Kshs, Matatu - 300 Kshs and Truck - 500 Kshs

Crater lake Naivasha
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 CRATER LAKE GAME SANCTUARY :  After the Kongoni village, there is a private sanctuary which includes lot of wildlife in its small forest sitting at the side of the Crater Lake volcano. There is possibility to do game viewing in the fenced area and get refreshed at the Crater Lake Lodge located at the bottom of the crater. The landscape is breathtaking as the small crater is soaked by a pink-bordered green-salted lake which is habitat for flamingos and other birds. And if you are courageous, there is a path going around the rim of the crater. Fee is asked to access the ranch and prices for resident and non resident are identical and are cheap (nothing compare to Crescent Island). The camping is cheap and good.
Entrance fees : Adult - 100 Kshs, Child - 50 Kshs, Car - 50 Kshs
Camping fees : Per person - 150 Kshs
 ELSAMERE CONSERVATION CENTRE (former JOY ADAMSON'S HOUSE) :   Near the Hippo point, Elsamere, the former Joy Adamson' house, conserved in his memory, contains original paintings and pictures of Joy and George Adamson and their lioness Elsa. Possibility to have tea or a meal and watch "The Joy Adamson's Story " and accomodation is also available.


Longonot Naivasha
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 MOUNT LONGONOT NATIONAL PARK :  Hills climber should not miss the opportunity to climb the immense Mt Longonot (2,776 m - 8,328 ft) rising in the arid plains of the Rift Valley. You need to count one hour to access the top of the lowest rim and 3 hours to follow the path around the narrow edge of this almost perfect conical shape crater filled with dense bushed and wooden vegetation. The Mount Longonot is part of the conservation project of the K.W.S. as it is an official Kenyan National Park (52 km2) and game abounds on the slopes of Longonot, particularly on the west side. - Read also the East Africa Mountains website for a walking guide at Mount Longonot.
 HELL'S GATE NATIONAL PARK :  The park provides a variety of wildlife, unusual flora and many species of birds, volcanic sceneries with cliffs, gorges and steam jets and is one of the two only kenyan parks where climbing, walking and biking are allowed. Follow the Hell's Gate link to visit this surnatural National Park.

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Places to see (21 pic.)
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 Altitude : 1,890 (6,200 ft.)
 Area : 177 km2
 Depth : 7-10 m (20-30 ft.) and 20 m (60 ft.) in Crescent Island submerged crater
 Localisation : 10 km from Naivasha town - District of Nakuru (Rift Valley Province)
 Scenery : Mount Eburu (2,950 m - 9,678 ft.) to the North, Mount Longonot (2,776 m - 9,107 ft.) to the South,
the Mau escarpment (3,117 m - 10,226 ft.) to the West and the Aberdare Range (4,265 m - 13,992 ft.) to the East.
 Distance : 90 km from Nairobi
 Entrances : the park has one main entrance (Elsa Gate), two secondary gates (Ol Karia and Narasha gates).
 Historic : Opened in February 1984. Ramsar
 Attractions :
   o Scenic landscape (crater lake and volcanic sceneries).
   o Unique waterbird viewing.
   o Walk at Crescent Island.
   o Watersport activities.
   o Geothermal Power Station.
   o Upper lake and hippo point.
   o Elsamere Conservation Centre.
   o Splendid 360 panoramic view on volcanoes and escarpment surrounding the lake.
   o Possibility to go for walk, bike, horse riding and hiking in Hell's Gate National Park.
   o Visit of private ranches and farm in Hell's Gate corridor.

 WILDLIFE/VEGETATION  --> Just click on the name to see snapshots and a fact sheet of the animal...
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Because Lake Naivasha is linked by Hell´s gate through the Hell´s gate corridor, which is mostly composed of private ranches and farms, the wildlife seen at Naivasha is similar to the one at Hell´s gate. Exceptions are the hippopotamus (only at Naivasha) and the klipspringer and the buffalo (only at Hell's gate)

Antelopes and gazelles (per alphabetic order) :
Bushbuck - Dik-dik (Kirk's) - Duiker (Common) - Gazelle (Grant’s) - Gazelle (Thomson's) - Gnu (White-bearded) - Hartebeest (Coke's) - Impala - Reedbuck (Bohor) - Reedbuck (Chanler’s mountain) - Steinbok - Waterbuck (Defassa) -
Other ungulates and mammals :
Giraffe (Maasai) - Hippopotamus - Hyrax (Bruce’s) - Hyrax (Eastern Tree) - Hyrax (Rock) - Hyrax (Southern Tree) - Zebra (Common) -
Carnivores :
Aardwolf - Civet (African) - Fox (Bat-eared) - Genet (Large-spotted) - Genet (Small-spotted) - Hyena (Spotted) - Jackal (Black-backed) - Jackal (Common) - Mongoose (Marsh) - Mongoose (White-tailed) - Otter (Clawless) - Serval - Zorilla -
Primates :
Baboon (Savannah) - Monkey (Green Vervet) -
Others (rabbits, hares, insectivores) :
Hare (Cape) - Hare (Spring) - Porcupine (Crested) -
Vegetation :
The vegetation around the lake is mainly grasslands and shrublands dominated by several species of Acacia xanthophloea and Euphorbia. The lake has a fringing shoreline vegetation with feathery-headed papyrus, blue water-lilies and water hyacinth and other floating and submerged species. The edges have a complex vegetation of terrestrial, water tolerant and wetland plants, due to frequent changes in water level. Nowadays, large exploitation produce flowers (specially roses and carnation) for export business and Naivasha is the first producer of roses in Kenya. The edges have a complex vegetation of terrestrial, water tolerant and wetland plants, due to frequent changes in water level. Crater lake is dominated by blue-green algae, with soda tolerant Cyperus laevigatus around its rim.

There is a large choice of accommodation (cottages, camping sites, bandas and medium budget hotels) along the Moi South Lake Road and in Naivasha town.

Fish Eagle Inn :  Booking/Contact - Visit their webpage
Fish Eagle Inn, P.O. Box 1554, Naivasha. Tel: +254 (0)311 30306 - Fax: +254 (0)311 21158 - Tel: (Nairobi) +254 (0)20 725 238.
Fish Eagle is the most popular place to stay around Naivasha lake. Situated at only 20 km from Naivasha town, the complex is well located and near to major attractions pf the lake. There are several options of accommodation : camping, dormitory, three bedrooms, twin bedrooms, double bedrooms and suites (all with individual shower, WC and terrace). The facilities are : self contained rooms, camping area with lake view, swimming pool, bar and restaurant with satellite TV.

Fisherman Camp :  

 LODGES, TENTED CAMPS & HOTELS Report broken link - Keep me up-to-date

Lake Naivasha Country Club :  Booking/Contact - Visit their webpage
Block Hotels - Block House, Lusaka Road, P.O. Box 40075, Nairobi. Tel: +254 (0)20 540780 - Fax: +254 (0)20 545948/543810.
"Opened in 1937 as a staging post for Imperial Airways' flying boat service from Durban to London, the 55-acre property boasts green lawns shaded by mature acacias and spreading fever trees, that stretch down to the lake's shore. The hotel offers a wonderful mix of tranquility in serene surroundings and a varied number of sporting activities for both the energetic and the more laid back."

Green Park Golf & Country Complex (Great rift Valley Lodge):  Booking/Contact - Visit their webpage
"The social heart of the Rift Valley Lodge is the clubhouse building, which offers fine dining and beautiful views from its panoramic restaurant and broad balconies. Around the clubhouse, the lush fairways and sparkling lakes of the 6,580-yard golf course fan out in different directions, all with sweeping views over the surrounding countryside."

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